Ground and Pound: Shake – Train – Succeed

We at G&P Supplements Limited identify and approve premium grade ingredients that go into producing all of our high quality products. We are not a company that uses pre produced powders, choosing instead to be innovative and create our own range of specific products, using key ingredients, which are carefully researched and formulated.

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It is our view that in addition to using premium ingredients, it is also essential to have the power of good flavour systems. This means we have a panel of taste testers who vigorously screen all new products to ensure they provide a great tasting product.


We at G&P Supplements Limited source all of our ingredients and create our formulas in a production facility here in the UK, which is accredited with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and is audited and approved through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We proudly launch our first two products, Lean Muscle Mass powder, initially with there being three flavours, accompanied by a pre workout formula, consisting of two further flavours. We are promoting our flavours specifically towards fighters and those who want to maintain and improve their exercise regime, taking inspiration from the Mixed Martial Arts world (MMA) with names that will seem familiar to those involved.

For those interested in the science…… G&P Supplements Lean Muscle Mass initial flavours, consist of: Battling Banana, Striking Strawberry and Championship Chocolate, with the team recommending twice daily serving of 100g. This would provide the athlete with 84g of Protein per daily intake, 370 calories per serving and 46g of Carbohydrates. Our formula also has additional components of Creatine, ZMA and green tea extract, all of which will assist in the development of lean muscle, when taken alongside regular exercise.

G&P Supplements Pre workout formula, Power Kick has two initial flavours which consist of Caged Cola and Octagon Orange. We recommend that a 9g serving is taken 10-15 minutes prior to an athlete beginning their workout, which will provide the required energy boost needed. This will give the athlete 100% of their daily vitamin C, vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 nutrient reference values (NRV).

We are constantly developing our range of products at G&P Supplements, and plan to produce new high quality products, throughout the coming year and throughout the long term future. We aim to accompany all athletes on their journey of self discovery and want to enhance their workout and exercise regime, in achieving their own individual fitness goals.

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