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Correct BCAA Loading

Branched-chain amino acids are all the rage these days, even though their benefits have long been known: They increase energy, blunt fatigue, drive muscle growth, aid fat loss, boost brain power, and even extend life. The three BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine is the MVP when it comes to boosting muscle protein synthesis, particularly after exercise. Valine is the MVP before workouts, as it’s directly responsible for blunting fatigue via a mechanism in the brain. Isoleucine, another essential amino acid (like the other two BCAAs), is involved in muscle tissue repair and may even help increase energy levels.

In other words, it’s not enough just to supplement with leucine. You need all three BCAAs to maximize the benefits.

Here’s how to use BCAAs to their maximum effect to get the best gains in muscle size.

The Best Ratio of BCAAs

It’s critical not only to get ample amounts of all three BCAAs but also to get them in the proper ratio. Your best bet is a 2-1-1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine. So, 6 grams of BCAAs should provide about 3 grams of leucine and 1.5 grams each of isoleucine and valine. The highest you ever want to go would be a 3-1-1 ratio, particularly post-workout, when leucine is driving muscle protein synthesis. Any greater ratio would have too little valine and isoleucine.

Use but Don’t Abuse

All too often you see Gym users walking around with a gallon jug containing water mixed with a flavored BCAA supplement. They sip on it all day to provide their muscles with a constant trickle of BCAAs, in hopes that it will stop muscle breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis and, therefore, muscle growth.

Sadly, this technique will have the opposite effect and actually can prevent spikes in muscle protein synthesis. Research shows that you need to cycle your intake of BCAAs, having a couple hours in between doses, to create a true spike in muscle protein synthesis. When leucine is available in the bloodstream 24/7, it prevents the MPS spikes that come only after a couple of hours of low blood leucine levels.

How do you cycle BCAA intake to maximize all results? Use my priority list below and take your BCAAs only at these times. Whatever you do, stop sipping on them all day long, unless your goal is steady energy throughout the day. That’s the only true benefit that constantly sipping BCAAs will provide.

BCAA 4 simple steps

  • 1: Boosting Energy for Workouts
  • Timing: Approximately 30 minutes before workouts

The most critical time to get a 6-10-gram dose of BCAAs is before workouts. The reason is that BCAAs are unlike any other amino acids. They don’t need to go to the liver first; they can go directly to the muscle cells, where they’re used for fuel.

  • 2: Driving Muscle Recovery and Growth
  • Timing: Within 30 minutes after workouts

The next most critical time to take 6-10 grams of BCAAs is after workouts. Here, it’s important to get leucine to the muscle cells, where it can activate the protein kinase mTOR and push muscle protein synthesis as well as muscle growth.

  • 3: Spiking Muscle Protein Synthesis between Meals
  • Timing: 2 hours after meals

When you eat a meal that includes at least 3 grams of leucine and at least 30 grams of protein, muscle protein synthesis is spiked momentarily. About two hours after the meal, protein synthesis will have dropped, but the amino acids from the meal are still in the bloodstream. At this time, if you provide another 3 grams of leucine (as well as the other two BCAAs), it may create a second spike in muscle protein synthesis from that same meal.

  • 4: Bumping Up the Leucine Content of a Meal
  • Timing: With meals that don’t provide at least 30 grams of protein

As mentioned, you need at least 30 grams of a complete protein, as well as a good 3 grams of leucine, to maximize muscle protein synthesis. If a meal provides less than 30 grams of protein, it likely also doesn’t provide a full 3 grams of leucine. To create a bigger spike in protein synthesis from this meal, you can take a 6-10-gram dose of BCAAs to ensure that the leucine content is high enough to do it.

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Katie Smoothie Bowl

Now that spring has arrived and the sun is shining (sometimes) I love to have fruity smoothies! Smoothies are a great way to incorporate in protein powder and when I saw that G&P have produced two lean muscle mass products as fruit flavours (banana and strawberry) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and add them to my smoothie bowls! If you are someone who finds it difficult to drink protein shakes with just water or milk then smoothies are a great alternative without making it obvious that the powder is added, especially when the flavour is sweet and fruity. Not only is G&Ps banana lean muscle mass giving you a sufficient amount of protein, it contains ZMA to support your muscle recovery and immune system and also incorporates green tea as an effective fat-burner and great source of antioxidants.


There are so many combinations when it comes to making your own fruit smoothies and my go-to ingredients are banana and berries. I also always use frozen fruit in my smoothies because it makes the smoothie come out a lot thicker and colder because it essentially acts as a substitute to using ice. Secondly it is a lot more cost effective to buy packs of frozen fruit rather than fresh fruit, so if you’re like myself and love to make smoothies then it is worth making this change and saving your pennies! For example at Tesco’s 150g of fresh raspberries is the same price as 350g of frozen raspberries!!

Okay, so onto making this delicious protein smoothie! The ingredients that I used are:

1.      One half of a frozen banana

2.      80g of mixed frozen berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries)

3.      125g fat free greek yoghurt

4.       1 scoop (around 30g) of G&P banana flavour lean muscle mass

5.      A splash of milk

For the topping of my smoothie bowl I simply added extra frozen blackberries, milled chia seeds, dark chocolate and mixed seeds. If you don’t have time to create a smoothie bowl like this and eat at home, then simply pour it into your G&P shaker and take it with you, which creates a perfect snack to drink at work or on the go!


This recipe can also be altered to use G&P’s strawberry flavour lean muscle mass instead and then switching to use a whole frozen banana and half the amount of frozen berries to keep the balance perfect! Remember, this is only


one method of using G&P’s banana lean muscle mass in a smoothie but there are tons of different combinations you can make.


If you have made any creations then comment below and add in a picture of your smoothie bowl as we’d love to see them!

Why not visit and use my discount code Katie30  at and try for yourself

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My name is Chris Shingles I am currently a fitness instructor & coach at Empire Gym in Market Deeping. I teach Metafit at the Gym twice a week& am well known around the area. 


My passion is fitness & it is something that I have been passionate about for many years since I got into exercising. 


I got the passion when I was 28 (I’m now 36) when I hadn’t done any exercise & I was watching the London Marathon on the telly with my then 4 year old son. He said to me “Why don’t you do that Daddy?” And my reply was “Because I can’t run”. The look on his face was of disappointment & I wanted my son to look up to me & be the best role model I could be to him, so with that in mind I promised my little boy that by the time I was 30 I would be on the telly running the London Marathon.


I had to keep my promise & starter training, I was so underprepared as to how hard this challenge would be, as I had never done any form of exercise prior to this.


 I ran the London Marathon that year & then got ‘the bug’ and ran two more in 2013 & 2014. In these two years I raised over £4,000 for Children with Cancer & was one of the top fundraisers that year. 

Since then I haven’t looked back & became a qualified gym instructor 2 years ago & have been running my own classes at Empire. 


I have a passion for sports science & nutrition & am looking into taking my level 3 personal trainer qualification within the next few months.


Am I an inspiration……????


I believe that we are all inspired by something or someone, you just need to take that first step on your journey & who knows what you might become.

Ground and Pound: Shake – Train – Succeed

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Ready for the Weekend

Hello G&P Supplements Family

it is Friday night after reflecting a busy and exciting week. Now getting ready for the weekend, so what does this bring, Saturday we will be a Northampton Town Football Club. G&P Supplements will be there with the stewards and stadium managers. So need to wrap up warm as it looks like a cold day.

Sunday will be sorting out stock for the week a head, Business planning for the year a head.

Looking for new venues and sporting events to sponsor or promote our products, deeply disappointed about Fitcon being cancelled, If you have any sensible suggestions?.

New Product

We have 3 great products on sale, looking to add a forth what would you like to see?. Let’s us know your suggestions of which supplement you would like to see.

We are looking at BCAA, Creatine or L-Glutamine, or even Whey iso.

Insperational people

At G&P Supplements Ltd, we are always looking for outstanding people fitness journey, from body transformation to over coming adversity. If you know a person who you think can inspire, get in touch at

Let us know their name and a brief story outline, and we will pick a selection, Make sure you have that person permission, we will contact and get there story online, this can include before and after photo.


we will be launching a fantastic competition, before the end of February. This competition can not be missed, keep on following G&P on social media for more details. 


This week we have a meeting with a UFC fighter, looking forward to talk to this person about sponsorship deal, will we be successful!!. This person is a 2-0 in the UFC and fighting again in March. Another fighter has been approached and waiting in putting a signature on a sponsorship deal. This person is a future UFC star and been keeping our eye on this individual for 2 years, watching their progress. 

Ground and Pound Supplements



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February News for G&P Family

Good evening G&P family

After a busy January and the sale we had, that finishes 02/02/2018 at midnight. A  busy feb on the horizon, our first fight night will be in Wolverhampton at GTFP so see you there.

We have taken on a number of ambassadors which include Model & Big Brothers Harry Amelia, Metafit instructor Chris Shingles, we are sponsoring a new fighter Dan “Pork Chop” Cassell for his fight at Cage Warriors Wales on the 3rd March, Unfortunately we can not attend, but lets get behind Dan.

Other surprises in the pipe line, so stay tuned to find out more.  

A big congratulations to our Strongman sponsored athlete Paul Smith for coming a respectful 5th place against the top that Britain have in Giants Live.

We held a tasting session at the Fitness Factory in Deeping St James, and the Thor hammer challenge. The Challenge and products where well received but all ages in the gym. We had over 20 people try the hammer challenge, see videos at our Facebook and Insagram page @gpsupplementsltd 


Jason Assassin Radcliffe

Jason Radcliffe back to beasting his training over at Tiger Muaythai getting ready to demolish his next opponent.

Bryony Tyrell getting ready for her World Championship fight on 24/02/2018 at Cage Warriors held Echo Arena Liverpool, this woman is totally inspirational and a great role model for life and fight attitude. 


so remember to follow us at

We have lots more to tell you but we can not tell until all signed and sealed. Shows are being booked up and down the country.



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G&P Supplements Update

We are now attending the GSU British Kettlebell Championships in Harrogate on the 4th November 2017, 

If you like to attend the GSU tickets are available at

This is another direction that G&P Supplements are going in, along side the Fight market, also Ultimate Strongman market.

We are growing as a company and excited about our future in a difficult market,

if you would like to purchase our products,

here is a discount code for 25% off, code is Ultimate2017.


GP Supplements

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Busy Busy Busy


We have a good number of events coming up in October and November, one of the main events is SFN2017 in Glasgow, this is the weekend 14-15 October. 

We also have fight nights booked up, with Impact Fight night in Wisbech, Contenders in Norwich and a new event Golden Ticket Fight Night in Wolverhampton.

Also in November we are in attendance at the British Kettlebell championships,

which again is a different avenue for our supplements to go down,

looking forward to this event and see how well our supplements go down with the athletes.

Strength Test

Strength test competition –  G&P Supplements are taking a 12kg Thor Hammer,  these events to test your strength, G&P Supplements are always looking for new ways of promoting quality supplements, if you have an event that is well attended, Please do not hesitate to contact us at



It was nice to see G&P Supplements branding on Channel5 Ultimate Strongman Battle of Britain in Belfast.

Continue reading Busy Busy Busy

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News Flash

G&P Supplements ltd are please to announce that we can confirm we are the Official supplements provider and sponsor to the Ultimate Strongman Events and UK Strongest man events.

we will be having on site presence allowing to come and taste our amazing products and great prices at these events, we also agreed 25% discount code for all on line orders, code is Ultimate2017.

We are looking forward to working with Ultimate strongman tv to get maximum exposure not just on site but TV presence.

This will be a great opportunity to show case our amazing high standard products, we will look forward to meeting new customers and gaining feed back to see how to provide future products and customer relationship.

First Show Stoke-On-Trent – World team championship – amazing atmosphere, we didn’t know what to expect but what a buzz around the stadium, and all fantastic feed back regarding our products.

Second Show Southampton – Summermania – again amazing event again fantastic reviews from customers and Athletes

Third event – Battle of Britain over in Bangor Northern Ireland – 1st July

Forth Event – Uk Strongest Man – weekend August 5th & 6th

So come and visit us even if it is just to try our samples and give us your feed back, also on the day special deals



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Assassin Fat Kicker

Great news our Ultimate fat burner are ready to order, this will help you in your weight loss goals, whether your cutting for a fight, shredding for competition or looking to lose weight.

The high quality ingredients have been expertly blend to give maximum results.

2 capsules prior to your workout will also give you a boost acting like a pre workout.

These capsules are suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans,

Recommendation on how to use, 1 cap first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, 1 cap half an hour prior to lunch, if your working out 2 caps prior to starting your workout routine, (do nor exceed 4 caps per day)

not suitable for under 18’s

High Caffeine content