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Ready for the Weekend

Hello G&P Supplements Family

it is Friday night after reflecting a busy and exciting week. Now getting ready for the weekend, so what does this bring, Saturday we will be a Northampton Town Football Club. G&P Supplements will be there with the stewards and stadium managers. So need to wrap up warm as it looks like a cold day.

Sunday will be sorting out stock for the week a head, Business planning for the year a head.

Looking for new venues and sporting events to sponsor or promote our products, deeply disappointed about Fitcon being cancelled, If you have any sensible suggestions?.

New Product

We have 3 great products on sale, looking to add a forth what would you like to see?. Let’s us know your suggestions of which supplement you would like to see.

We are looking at BCAA, Creatine or L-Glutamine, or even Whey iso.

Insperational people

At G&P Supplements Ltd, we are always looking for outstanding people fitness journey, from body transformation to over coming adversity. If you know a person who you think can inspire, get in touch at

Let us know their name and a brief story outline, and we will pick a selection, Make sure you have that person permission, we will contact and get there story online, this can include before and after photo.


we will be launching a fantastic competition, before the end of February. This competition can not be missed, keep on following G&P on social media for more details. 


This week we have a meeting with a UFC fighter, looking forward to talk to this person about sponsorship deal, will we be successful!!. This person is a 2-0 in the UFC and fighting again in March. Another fighter has been approached and waiting in putting a signature on a sponsorship deal. This person is a future UFC star and been keeping our eye on this individual for 2 years, watching their progress. 

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