Yes! Yes! Yes! This pre work out is the absolute bomb. I forgot to take my usual pre work out to the gym. I saw that the gym were selling the G&P caged cola, so i thought i would by a scoop to drink before my work out. Wow! I think i will leave my old pre work out at home forever from now on! This stuff gave me unbelievable amounts of energy and a motivation to train hard that i had never experienced before. A real 5 Star product! – Joe Allen


Best preworkout i’ve ever experienced, and the best tasting one too! can’t thank my colleague (Darren Hobbs) enough for the recommendation and will definitely be ordering products in the future. No crash or after effects of this product either, can’t recommend enough


Amazing taste, very impressed with this supplement, the way it mixes and overall ingredient combination is perfect. – Ryan Philips